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The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013

TC Candler reveal the Rank of 100 Most beautiful face of 2013.

Let’s see that many of our love Kpop Girl idols are ranking on this. Some of them are very surprise for their rank.

This year, Many Kpop idols come as new entry.

94. Woori, Rainbow  (New Entry)

82. E-Young, After school (New Entry)

75. Jaekyung, Rainbow (New Entry)

71. Im Yoona, SNSD

66. Sooyoung, SNSD (New Entry)

63. Lizzy, After School (New Entry)

39. IU

34. Go Ara

24. Song Hye Kyo

20. Jessica Jung, SNSD

14. Suzy Bae, Miss A (New Entry)

9. Kim Taeyeon

2. Nana, After school (New Entry)

What do you think of this ranking?

Modern Times : IU has just arrived on iTunes

1 years and a half was a long time to wait. Now IU is back with her new Album “Modern Times” and Now available on iTunes.

Buy this album from iTunes : Modern Times – IU

Stay tunes for Her comeback showcase on MelOn Premiere


*The released date, price and availabilities of the songs or albums above are base on US iTunes Store. There may be some differences on details or availabilities for other countries iTunes Store.